RECENT PROJECTS (see past projects)

Mobile service for the homeless
Mar - Oct 2011
Co-designed an SMS service for London's homeless
Shortlisted for the Interaction Awards 2011
Published a paper for ServDes2012

letterblocks Letter Blocks for Children with Autism
Dec 2009 - Apr 2010
Designed interactive letter blocks assisting in learning letters and words
Implemented into Royal Dutch Kentalis in Zoetermeer
The Destinations
Aug 2011
A short documentary film about a day in the life of Vijay Jagun
Emotional Appreciation on Public Spaces
Nov 2009 - Jan 2010
Studied 100+ pedestrians preferences using a mapping technique
Published a conference paper for Walk21 2010
Smart Energy Console
Sep 2009 - Jan 2011
Design of an energy monitoring system retrieving information from smart meters
Published a conference paper for IASDR2011

Tracking Delft
Nov 2009 - Jan 2010
Research on 300+ pedestrians movement patterns in the city centre of Delft using GPS technology
HUBB: a Bike Sharing Service for Seoul
Jul - Sep 2010
Concept design of a public bike scheme integrated with the exisiting bus service
3rd Prize in the Seoul Cycle Competition 2010

PAST PROJECTS (see current projects)

Business Design for the CHJ Restaurant
Jan - Mar 2008
Designed and excuted marketing promotions installed into the envrionment of the restaurant

System for Inhabitants Designed Apartment
Jan - Sep 2007
Design of the system allows users to create own apartment units
Wallpaper for CHJ Restaurant
Aug 2006
Visualise the story of owners and their delicious food through large-scale wallpaper. Installed in/outside of the restaurant
1 Mass Customization Apartment
Jul - Aug 2006
Studied the evolution of Korean Apartment and prospected the future trend
Jan 2005 - Mar 2006
Visual interpretation of design theories to discover the JINA Architects' design philosophy
Featured in Korean Architects Journal v.51 Jan 2007
Web design projects
Various web development and design project for businesses and organisations