James Seward
Maning Director of Buddy & Business Consultant for Sidekick Studios
London, the UK, 27th Jan, 2012

James Seward is a managing director of a startup company Buddy, a digital mental health service. Having more than 20 years of experience in National Health Service (NHS), he talks about his insights on innovation for the public sector by giving the example of the development story of the Buddy App.

"If you want to be disruptive and radical you have to step outside of service delivery organizations. That's a startup"

He talks about how working outside of the national health care institute allows him to have fresh ideas and making a disruptive change.

"Designing application is only half of the story, engaging with real people and let them be comfortable with the new concept is equally important"

Froukje Sleeswijk Visser
Design Researcher, Assistant Professor at TU Delft, Consultant at Context Queen
Delft, The Netherlands, 22 January 2012

Froukje is a design researcher specialized in user involvement in an early design phase. She talks about her opinion and criticism on the emerging discipline of Service Design, introducing her new elective course at TU Delft in the same topic.

"...through this new elective course named Service Design, I wish to bring a critical discussion about what is the role of designers today"

She reflects on how she has shaped her position as a design researcher involving in both industry and education.

"I would like to be involved in projects for a longer term and in the implementation phase. I have lots of ideas but I am not involved in the realization, only in an earlier phase"

Frens Pries
Co-founder of Frank&Frens
Delft, The Netherlands, 14 January 2012

He talked about how he has started up his design agency, Frank&Frens with his friend Frank and reflected on his evolving practice as a young entrepreneur - designer.

"Collaborating with other designers helps us to take bigger projects and choose the topic we like"