Sep 2010 - Jan 2011 Role: Interaction design, User research, Video prototyping

My particular contribution for the project is translating the technological possibilities offered from smart meters into the designing of an energy monitoring system which provides appropriate information to inhabitants. The project team designed the system educating people to understand their energy consumption patterns and motivates them to reduce the usage.

I performed an user research investigating the meaning of data for inhabitants, which retrieved from smart meters. Based on the research our team concluded to develop the system monitoring the consumption data from the local areas in the house, such as kitchen and master bedroom. Users can decide which parts of the house are monitored by the system and get a direct feedback from decentralised indicators.

In order to demonstrate user interaction of using the system, I produced a series of video that shows how users will order and install the device and how the product would affect the way people consume energy at home.

The process and results of user research were published as a conference paper and presented at IASDR2011 in Delft.

Project team:

Bianca van Agtmall (Building Science)
Ganesh Raja (Electronic Engineering)
Radhika Jagtap (Electronic Engineering)
Behnaz Shirmohamadi (Telecommunication Engineering)


Stefan Versluis


High fidelity video prototype showing how inhabitants use the system
(Loading the video may take a few seconds)

A procedure of installing the product into a household