Jan 2013 Join the Code for Europe Fellowship programme

I join the Code for Europe Fellowship as a concept designer in Amsterdam. Code for Europe is an European project investigating an open innovation practice for the European context. The project is partnering with six european cities such as Amsterdam, Rome, Helsinki, Berlin, Barcelona and Manchester. The project envisions the fellows as a "change agent" who will be actively engaging with civil servants and citizens and change the culture of innovation in cities.


  Nov 2012 Shortlisted in Mindhoven competition

Homeless SMS was shortlisted in the Ex-Daklozen Challenge organised by Mindhoven and the City of Eindhoven. On November 23 2012, we gave a presentation to the juries and public. Unfortunately the first winner of 5.000 euro prize was not for us.


  June 2012 Participated in Global Innovation Academy in Hong Kong

I was invited as a guest lecturer at Global Innovation Academy in Hong Kong presented by Young Foundation and MAD School. The Academy offered the process and key methods of social innovation taking a issue of Hong Kong's homelessness and housing problems. More than 50 participants from a variety of fields from government to NGOs, to university students in Hong Kong, China,Taiwan and South Korea. Throughout two days of event I shared my experience of working with a social venture, prototyping and testing ideas.


  April 2012 A short trip to Seoul meeting people working with city's homeless

I was invited an interview for a grant programme for Korean desingers provided by Ministry of Knowledge and Economy Department of Korea. Using this visiting I made a first contact with people who work with the city's homeless. Chulsu Park is an activist being involved in homeless issues and a founder of the homeless grass-root group "Haeboja"(Let's do it, 해보자). He initiated several successful participatory programmes encouraging rough sleepers to be more independent and addressing their problems. I introduced the Homeless SMS concept to him and explored a potential for improving Seoul's homeless people's situation.


  April 2012 A social media workshop at Slimmernetwerk Cafe

i gave the design workshop about using social media for hard-to-reach population at Slimmernetwerk Cafe. Slimmernetwerk Cafe is a half-day event organised by Kennisland helping professionals working in Dutch public sector be smarter, people-centred and collaborative. See the video showing the outcome of the design workshop!


  Workshop outcome video filmed by Jonas Piet



  March 2012 A kickoff meeting Commons for Europe

I was invited to a formal kickoff meeting of Commons for Europe project. This EU commissioned project will run for 3 years aiming to spin-off an organisation similar to Code for America. Nigel Jacob of New Urban Mechanics Boston and and Joel Mahoney, a fellow of Code for America gave great lectures about their experience working in Boston in 2011.


  Feb 2012 A presentation at The Social Cities of Tomorrow Conference

How to design cities not only smarter but more social? And what are the roles of new media for designing social cities? Under this very relevant agenda of the conference curated by The Mobile City, more than 300 audiences attended at the MC Theater to share the recent ideas in an intersection of urban design and new media. I was invited to give a ten minutes presentation about the text message services for London's homeless. See my presentation slide. Picture credit: Virtueel Platform


My conference talk filmed by Virtueel Platform

  Feb 2012 A workshop for the Open Innovation platform for public services

Following the trip from Finland, I joined the Workshop Social Cities of Tomorrow in Amsterdam organized by The Mobile City and Virtueel Platform. More than 30 participants having different backgrounds and nationalities were allocated into four different briefs from actual stakeholders. My workshop group worked on the brief from Amsterdam Municipality, exploring the Open Innovation platform for public services. It was a great intellectual exercise to explore the complex issues embedded in the public service provisions.

  Feb 2012 A presentation at The ServDes Conference

I participated in The Service Design and Service Innovation Conference organized by Laurea University in Espoo, Finland. Regarding the freshness of topic of service design and co-creation, the conference was lack of the academic rigor, however it was good enough to feel the enthusiasm on this new discipline. I gave a talk about my experience of engaging with vulnerable user group in a service design process. You can view the presentation slide and read the conference paper.

  Oct 2011 The graduation presentation

Finally the journey of my graduation project was over. I was really glad that Jonas who helped me arranging the project attended from London. See the presentation slide on Slideshare.

Sep 2011 A presentation at ITA Social Innovation Workshop

Homeless SMS was invited for a talk at ITA Social Enterprise Workshop in Italy organized by HUB Roberto and IRIS Network. Will and I presented how Homeless SMS used Twitter to test a mobile service with homeless people without spending any cost for developing a dedicated technology. View the presentation slide on Slideshare.

Jul 2011 A presentation at Central Saint Martins

I had a great opportunity to present the ongoing process on prototyping a mobile service with homeless people to the students at Service Design Short Course at Central Saint Martins. The course was organized by Bruno Taylor and Vincenzo Di Maria. Students were working on design briefs given by city councils and a charity organization. See the presentation video on Youtube. Picture credit: Common Ground

Jun 2011 A Sockmob summer picnic at St James Park

I participated in a brilliant picnic with homeless people organized by Sockmobbers. A good number of homeless people that we Sockmobbers have regularly contacted on the streets joined voluntarily. It was nice to engage with them at the outside of streets and day centres where they are normally found. We have a nice time sharing good food, playing football and having a chat!

May 2011 Protest against Westminster bylaw to ban sleeping rough

Westminster Council planed to ban sleeping rough and soup runs. As a newcomer in London, I could not make an immediate decision before I get to know what's happening. The Sockmob and other charities organize a street performance at Westminster Cathedral Piazza. At the performance, I was an observer rather than an activist.

Read a Guardian article on the Bylaw
Read Vijay's opnion on homeless service on his blog