Jan - Mar 2008 Role: Research, Web design, Marketing promotion


This design project aimed to improve the revenue of the restaurant business. I designed physical and web-based interactions that affect the attention and interest of customers. In doing so, it was anticipated increasing the royalty of customers on the restaurant.

Therefore, the questions were:

During the restaurant’s operation cycle, where are the time and space that have hidden opportunities to influence the customers’ attention and interest? What kinds of media would be the most effective to amplify the possibilities?

To answer above questions, first I interviewed the owner of the restaurant to grasp the problem and opportunity space in the sales distribution matrix. Second, I helped out for one working day in order to understand and discover opportunities within the operation cycle of the restaurant. As a result we delivered diverse touch points that the restaurant can interact with the customers such as the secret sauce sampling, business card game and website.

Collaborated with Hana Kim

Client: Restaurant Chunghaejin

Unfolded drawing of multi-functional kiosk