Jul - Oct 2011 Co-director, filming and editing (loading the video may take a few seconds)

Vijay Jagun has experienced homelessness almost two years since he has lost his residency status in the UK. I first contacted him as my research subject in March 2011 at the homeless hostel, after then he maintained his engagement in the project through using the prototype-services as well as co-creating the service. During this period, he spent significant time on writing an essay about his experience of homelessness. His essay brought him back to his course of homelessness which started of the first day of being on the streets at Westminster and getting used to live as a homeless person. Writing is the way he has chosen to cope with his situation and helps him to understand it. However, he was still on processing his visa status for more than a year. On July he suggested me making a film about homelessness and we agreed to produce a short documentary illustrating his ordinary day, Monday, the first of August, 2011.

To prepare the film, Vijay and I had several meetings to exchange ideas on filming; what message he wants to say to people and how I can capture and express it through a frame.

The film co-directed with Vijay Jagun. The film was taken with supports and permission from Shelter of the Storm, Migration Resource Centre and Homeless SMS.

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Conversation with Vijay about the filmming

Sketche of key scenes