Code for Europe Fellowship in Amsterdam, ONE-TOUR, Collaborative practices that change the world

How creativity addresses social problems Aired on 7 Agust 2012, HongKong Broadband News TV channel


Putting Open Innovation policy into practive, featured in Closer to Brussels, Kwon, O. : Closer to Brussels, issue 14, Malpolska Region Brussels Office, Brussel, Belgium. LINK

Homeless SMS: the information support service for the homeless people using text message and social media
Brayne, W. & Kwon, O. : European Network of Homeless Health Workers, Issue N15, Brussel, Belgium.

Co-designing an SMS service for the London's homeless people: Considerations for designers engaging with vulnerable user groups
Kwon, O. & van Boeijen, A. : in the proceeding of ServDes 2012, Espoo, Finland. PDF download

Co-design of a mobile service facilitating a supportive community for the homeless in London
Kwon, O. Unpublished Masters' Thesis

'I' don't understand what KWh means': simulate electricity consumption data provision to households
Kwon, O., Keyson, D. & Van Agtmaal B. : in the proceedings of IASDR 2011, Delft, The Netherlands. PDF download

Visualization of a city in accordance with the preferences of pedestrians
Kwon, O. & Van der Spek, S. C.: in the proceeding of Walk21 2010, The Hague, The Netherlands. PDF download

Interoperability issues in the cross-disciplinary collaboration of irregularly shaped building: the case of Dongdaemun Design Plaza and Park
Kwon, O., Lee, G. et al. :in the proceedings of the ICCEM-ICCPM 2009, Jeju, Republic of Korea. PDF download

Rotable apparatus for crane hook, Application No. 10-2008-0059001
Inventors: Lee, G., Kim, H. & Kwon, O.


"Building blocks for Open Government: learning from Code for Europe Amsterdam", Nov 2013, Seoul, South Korea

"Prototyping: as a tool to construct the future situation with real people", June 2012 Global Innovation Academy, Hong Kong

"Designing an information service for the homeless", June 2012 Global Innovation Academy, Hong Kong

"Appropriate social media for and with London’s homeless", Feb 2012 Social Cities of Tomorrow, Amsterdam

"Using a basic technology to aid complex problems" Sep 2011 ITA social enterprise LAB, Riva Del Garda, Italy
with Will Brayne

"Service prototyping" Jul 2011 Service Design Summer, Central Saint Martins, London

"Social conectness for the eldery via Facebook" Nov 2010 Expert meeting Mediated Memories, Waag Society, Amsterdam
with Ilona Owusu

"Represent the invisible" Aug 2010 Designing the Hybrid Cities, Dutch Cultural Centre, Shanghai

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